Friday, October 17, 2014

Time to Visit a Dentist in San Diego: What’s with All the Questions?

Your dental records help determine your diagnosis and treatment. Dentists use the information written in your dental record to make a diagnosis, and also to look for any existing problems that might lead to complications in the future. With a dental record, the dentist can easily detail to the patient what needs to be done so that the patient may better understand why he will need a certain dental procedure. Taking down a patient’s information and creating and updating a dental record for him is a vital part of a dentist’s job. So when the time comes for a dental visit, regardless if it’s your first or follow-up appointment, don’t be surprised at how many questions the dentist or his assistant might ask. They are designed to make your dental procedures—whether they include San Diego dental implants, tooth extractions, or a simple cleaning—the safest they can be.

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